lunedì 4 maggio 2015

Cyanidead Dark Garden Choker Review

Hi sweeties, I'm back with a new review!

This time I'll be reviewing a cute choker kindly sponsored by Cyanidead!

Cyanidead is a Storenvy based shop that sells handmade accessories for pastel goth at a very affordable price! Their service is amazing as well as the disponibility of the owner of the shop and they ship worldwide!

The item I'm going to review is the Dark Garden Choker, that you can find here!

This is the stock photo for the item! 
Remember that you can have a 10% off your purchases using my code "Tsuki" at the check out!

Now, I'm going to show you what I received!

I got mine customized with liliac and black roses, but you can choose from the variety of colours on the site!

I received my choker in a cute package, with a little note written on a Rilakkuma paper sheet (How much can it be cute?)

The choker is made of leather on the front part, with a black velvet band along the center of it. The black and liliac roses are divided by spikes screwed in both the leather and velvet. The sides of the choker are made of two elastic strings that have a velvety touch and I'm totally in love with it!

Now I'm going to show you some photos with me wearing this amazing choker!

I really am satisfied with this item and I can't wait to receive more accessories from them, I'd like to buy them all!!

If you want to know more about Cyanidead store, please follow them on

Instagram: @cyanideadstore

And remember my code "Tsuki" on your purchases for a 10% off!

I really hope you liked this review, see you next time!

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