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Jenny Claus - Cosplay as Passion Wig Review!

I'm finally back darlings! 

Today I'd like to tell you about two wigs I bought from Jenny Claus - Cosplay as Passion! She's a friend of mine, a cosplayer from Italy and she also does Shopping Service! 
She looks for wigs of any kind at a very cheap price, offering a free shipping service if you choose the slow shipping! In this case the wigs take 30-40 days before arriving!
She's always available if you can't choose which wig to buy, giving you advices on its quality, even though all the wigs she looks for are made of kanelakon fibers, so they're heat resistant!

I asked her to find me a wig that would suit Iki Hiyori, a character from Noragami, and another one that would be apt for Marry Kozakura, from Kagerou Project, since the other blonde one I had wasn't really okay for that character!

So, let's move on to the reviews!

Iki Hiyori wig

This is the stock photo for this wig! You can find it here!

Now I'm going to show you mine and how it fits me!

This is how the wig looks! It's very soft and long! I'm 1.72m tall and its lenght is close to my lower back! So I suppose it's around 80-100 cm long! The colour is pretty and if it get tangled, it can be untangled with your fingers as well! The fiber is kanelakon, so the touch is similar to real hair and I really love it! I also love how it looks natural on me! 

Now I'm going to show you some snaps in which I wear it! 

These two were made by my mom as soon as I got back home with this wig! I'm sorry for the crappy face, I wasn't wearing any make up or lenses TToTT

These ones are a costest for an upcoming photoshoot! I was costesting as Gakuen Hungary, from Gakuen Hetalia! I absolutely fell in love with the Hetalia series and I can't wait cosplaying her!!

So, I recommend this wig for J-Fashion and cosplays, absolutely!

Now let's move on the other wig!!

Marry Kozakura wig

This is the stock photo! I don't know the shop she bought it from though, even if the wig is from L-email wig!

Now let's move on how the wig I received is and some photos taken with it!

So this is how the wig looks! It's super thick, fluffy and wavy! Moreover it's very long, since it's 100 cm of pure waves and cuteness! The colour is very light, perfect for the character it's thought for! I think it's the best Marry Kozakura wig I have ever seen and I can't wait to wear that cosplay for a convention, with this awwwsome wig!

I tried a costest of Marry with my new wig and it's so amazing! You can also see well how long it is!
If you're wondering about it, the dress was sewed by my mom and me! It took us a lot of time, especially for the upper part of the dress!

These snaps are for a costest I made for Gakuen Belarus, another character from Hetalia which I really love! I hope to be able to cosplay her in the future!
I really love how this wig suits my face, and that's a very rare thing, since I don't think light coloured wigs would fit me well. 
So this is my most fave wig until now, I'd like to wear it everytime!
Oh, the headband was made by best friend Vero, and it was in a huge package she sent me for my birthday (I'll do a separate post about what I reveived!)

So, summing up...

Jenny Claus - Cosplay as Passion is very reliable and always answers messages in a short time! Her shopping service is so amazing and clear and I absolutely recommend you to order your wigs from her! But please inform yourselves about the shipping out of Italy! I live in Italy, just like her, but I don't know how it works with foreign countries TToTT

The wigs she sells, as I said before, are all of great quality and are absolutely worth the price you pay them!

So, that's all for this review, see you soon, sweeties!

Ah, and don't forget to check out her cosplays!!

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