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Harajuku Fashion Walk in Pescara, 7th Edition!

Sorry for making you wait again! I started my third year in academy and things got so complicated that I don't even have the time to upload my blog *Cries*

However, today I'm going to talk about the Harajuku Fashion Walk organized in Pescara! It was the 7th edition of this event, organized by Grazia, Chiara and Federica! I finally managed to take part to it, after skipping some editions because of flu or other stuff.

We met on 20th September, at 16:00 and we walked down the streets of the center of Pescara, and then we went along the riverside to have a photoshoot!

I had a lot of fun, even thoug my leg hurt because of an allergy due to a mosquito bite. I hate mosquitos!

However I wanted to do a Pastel goth outfit, but the colour of the sweater and the tights was too much vivid, so I opted for an aomoji-kei outfit!

Here you are some photos from the event, all made my Andrea Lanzilli, who was one of the two official photographers!

Lenses are "Geo Nudy Pink" from (click here to read my review)

Wig: Jenny Claus
Hairclips: Borrowed from Ayumu
Swater: Decathlon
Shirt, skirt, tie, bag, socks: Local shops
Tights: Terranova
Shoes: Creepers by T.U.K.

Finally, here you have the group snap! We were so many and I had the occasion to meet again friends I haven't seen for a long time!

So, this is the end for this post, I hope you liked it!


Bonus photo with my little and sweet kohai! I already took off my wig though!

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